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Dear friend:

Thank you so much for reading this letter❤️❤️❤️

At Annbon, we have a team that collects the voice of our customers. Every day,they will collect your feedback. No matter praise or criticism, we will listen to it with our heart. Your encouragement has filled us with strength  during these uneasy but happy days of setting up Annbon. “Fit perfect”, “I love it”, “Worth the money”, “Good quality”, whenever receive these feedback, I know all my efforts have made sense.

We thank you for purchasing Annbon products, we know our product isn’t perfect, but we working very hard to make the product perfect. We strive to find better fabrics and use more advanced workmanship to make our swimsuits last.

But it seems only didn’t like our product customers who express their opinion so we beg customer fair to express their opinion whatever you like or not, we know it’s very hard to get a fair opinion whatever in life or news because people used to receive the bad message because bad news are more valued rather than good news, so it creates the wrong idea seems world get worse although the fact is not as vivid think we can do what we can do to change this world step by step. Thanks for you guys spend time to leave fair opinion on our product, we will do better to live up your expectations!

You are sincere and objective reviewers, who will tell Annbon what is good or bad, and which details can be optimized more - thank you, although we can’t reply to all of you, we are always listening to your voices and improving for the problems.

Thank you for your feedback. Of course, you can also participate deeply in product co-creation. We welcome every friend who has ideas to participate in the design together. Finally thank you again for choosing Annbon, it is our good fortune




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