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One-piece Swimsuits

by Annbon WANG on August 03, 2021

    One-piece, or maillot, swimsuits are not plain or passé. One of the hippest trends last summer was the 'peek-a-boo' or cutout maillot, which breaks up the vertical line and accentuates the feminine curves with strategically placed cutouts. The bolder lot, mostly teenagers and girls in their twenties, are going in a string-tie halter suit. This chic tie-side one-piece has a very high leg cut and an adjustable slide string bottom, which gives the bikini effect without the exposure.


    Varying asymmetrical slashes in a monochromatic one-piece leave quite a bit of tanned skin exposed for a sexy, contemporary effect. The extreme examples may leave you as exposed as though you were wearing a teensy bikini, but there are plenty of moderate editions available as well. This flirty style looks good with contrasting vibrant hues like orange and fuchsia, purple and lime green, or blue and canary yellow.


    For those who prefer something classy and yet contemporary, the one-piece maillot in an animal print is a classic piece. From tiger, dalmatian, and zebra to leopard and snakeskin, these wild prints are all in vogue. Those who prefer subtlety can opt for a suit with ring details on the shoulder straps, bust, or sides; they add a snazzy touch to the simplest suit and yet do not go overboard on the 'bling' effect.


    A low v-neck solid-color halter maillot is a winner; with a plunging back, this one-piece is a powerful force to be reckoned with. However, the solid color must be vibrant. The summer of 2005 witnessed an explosion of bright, solid colors ranging from earthy red to hot pink, stark white, turquoise, and rich chocolate.


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