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There are thousands of people on the planet today. That would be impossible without someone to identify and categorize them into groups. The most common of these groups is the body type, which has been used as a means to describe how a person's body is built. Body type is used to describe the physical traits of a person and how they stack up against other people of the same group. This article looks at the different body types and how people identify their body types. Here are the different body types.


Different Body Types

different body types


  • Apple Shape

This is the most common body type. This describes someone who is generally shorter and slimmer, to fit in with the common examples of apple-shaped people. There are several defining characteristics of an apple shape person. They are generally shorter, and their weight is concentrated in the mid-section. An apple shape person typically has a waist that is at least two to three inches larger than the hips. The hips typically have a large gap between the thighs, which is known as a "booty." Apple-shaped people typically get most of their fat stored on their waist and the trunks of their bodies.


  • Pear Shape

A pear shape is the opposite of an apple shape. This body type has a wider build, usually a large bust and a small waist. Pear shape people are usually taller than apple-shaped people, and generally have more body fat stored around the hips. This is because pear-shaped people have larger thighs and smaller waists. The main difference between pear-shaped and apple-shaped people is that pear-shaped people tend to be taller and have larger busts and smaller waists.


  • Hourglass Shape

People with this body type are sometimes described as having an hourglass figure. The hourglass figure is defined by a waist that is smaller than its hips, with a bust and butt that are similar in size. The name for the hourglass body type is derived from the figure of the same name. The hourglass figure is made up of two conical shapes next to each other, which are connected by a small waist. People with this body type tend to have a large bust and a small waist, with the bust being larger than the hips.


  • Inverted Triangle Shape

The inverted triangle body type is known as a cone-shaped body. They have a larger waist, a smaller bust, and a butt concerning the waist. People with this body type typically have prominent hips, wide shoulders, and narrow hips. Their shoulders tend to be larger than the bust and waist. Cone-shaped people are frequently taller than apple-shaped people.


  • Rectangle Shape

The rectangle body type is the most common in the world. This body type is known as a "regular" body, and also as the standard male form. The shape of people with a regular build has been described as wide hips and narrow shoulders, which sit on average. The chest is also average, with a slightly wide waist. Rectangle body people are typically described as having a strong upper body, which is built in proportion to the rest of the body.


With this guide, we can see that many body types exist to give us all a chance to feel like we belong. While each body type is different, they are all similar enough to show that there is unity in the varied forms of life. The differences are what make us unique and special. You can identify your body type based on the general tips in this article. Recognize that your body type may change over time, but you can use this guide to work towards the type of body you want.

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