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There are still many people out there who don't know how to tie a string bikini top. This article is going to give you an easy step-by-step guide on how to tie a string bikini top, from where the straps are supposed to be tied, to tying under your bust and making sure that it looks good. With this information in mind, you will surely enjoy wearing it.


Why wear a string Bikini?

1.Very cute and casual

They are very cute and casual. You can just wear it to the beach or pool, you may even put on a hat and sunglasses with it. Be creative!

2. Easy to put on

Unlike full bikinis, which are hard to put on when they are wet, string bikinis are quite easy to put on. The straps go around your neck and then you just pull them tight. Easy, right?

3. Different styles

There are different styles for different body types as well as different preferences. You may even make your style, which is very fun.

4. Comfortability

String bikinis are super comfortable, and also very breathable. The fabric is light and airy, so you don't have to worry about feeling too hot while wearing it.

5. Easy to wash

You don't have to worry about the washing part at all. These are super easy to wash and you just throw them in the washing machine. There are special bags for them if you want to.

6. Minimalism

String bikini tops do not cover your bum, so you can still show it off while wearing them. You can adjust them as they go around your neck and it is less bulky too. They have a sense of feeling free and happy with it, you can even wear them while surfing.


How to tie a string bikini top?

1. Tying under the bust

That's quite natural and you know how to do this one. However, there're some tips you should remember to make sure that it looks good

If the strap has a string that has a similar length as the others, don't tie that one under your bust first, but rather tie it on top. Only then tie the other two strings on the side first followed by tying that string under your bust lastly.

2. The rest of the straps

It's quite easy to follow suit when you want to tie a string bikini top. The same goes for the parts that are going to be under your bust, as long as you follow the tips from step 1 above, you will be fine.

You may wonder why do we need to tie them on different levels first? That's because we want to make sure that it looks good once it is tied up. You may not be satisfied with your look if you don't follow this step. That's how it's done, good luck.


What's the difference between different string bikini

1) String Bikini v crochet bikinis

The string bikini is made from a string (hence the name), while the crochet bikini is made from crochet. String bikinis are usually flimsier, which means more prone to losing strings and holes. Another thing to consider is that string bikinis are less expensive than crochet bikinis, in terms of cost per wear.

2) Crochet bikinis vs. string bikini top

String bikini top and crochet bikini top are very similar to each other in size and shape. The only difference is that string bikini tops have flimsier strings, which could potentially lose the fabric over time and leave holes, while crochet bikini tops are more durable with thicker strings. They are also closer to the skin, which makes them hotter to wear.

3) Bandeau bikini v crochet bikinis

Crochet bikini tops are similar to bandeau bikini tops. The only difference is that bandeau bikini tops do not have straps, while crochet bikinis have strings instead of straps. They are also more expensive than crochet bikinis.


How to wear all kinds of String Bikini?

  1. Bandeau Bikini Top

Bandeau bikini tops are best for wearing at the beach or pool. Although it has strings, which some may find a bit uncomfortable, it is still easy to slip on and string bikinis. Adjust them as you see fit and give these string bikinis a try!

  1. Crocheted Bikini Top

Crocheted bikini top can be worn to the beach and pool easily without having to worry about your straps being loose or falling on your shoulders. Put them on at the beach or pool and it's a breeze to put on.

  1. String Bikini Top

String bikini tops are great for life on the go, where you want to wear something low-key and comfortable. You can wear it during the day or at night to feel good in your own body. This hot bikini should be worn with a hat and shades or at the pool or beach.

In conclusion, with the above guide, you should be able to wear string bikinis without a hitch! They are quite easy to put on as long as you follow the instructions written down. Don't be afraid to try out lots of different styles and different patterns and make your look. It is fun and exciting when you are creative.

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