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by KorsMichael on May 19, 2022  in hide belly fatplus sizeswimsuit

Everybody wants to have some summer fun. It involves activities like swimming, beach volleyball, sunbathing, and other beach-related stuff. The main concern is if you are a plus-size lady. It is challenging to pick the right swimsuit. How to choose a swimsuit to hide belly fat and achieve a slimmer look? Worry no more? Here are some tips to enhance your body appearance without losing a pound. Can it be that easy? Read and find out!


1. Dark Colored One Piece Swimsuit

Dark colors often give the illusion that things are smaller than they seem. It perfectly applies to the human body. Putting on a one-piece black or navy blue swimsuit can make a person look slimmer. Avoid swimwear with cutouts at the waist so that the belly fat will not show.



2. Runch Fabric Swimwear

When it comes to getting a better figure without sweat, optical illusions are key. Runch fabrics especially on the tummy area, are an effective way to hide belly fat. The pleats and folds will catch the attention of the observers. Therefore they will not get to stare at your stomach shape. You will never worry about people looking at the wrong place with this summer outfit option.


3. Highlight Assets with Stripes

Each body has a different build. To enhance your assets, you can choose a two or one-piece swimsuit with a combination of solid colors and stripes. Look thinner by wearing horizontal lines at your waist area when wearing a one-piece ensemble. However, if you opt for a two-piece, a high waist bottom design with a horizontal pattern is advisable. It will hold and hide your belly fat. Remember, the thinner the stripes, the better.



4. Flatter Curves with Contouring

Creating a visual effect with contoured swimwear is another trick to hide belly fat. Choose a design with dark colors in the middle and light colors on the side. Acceptable combinations are black and white, navy blue and white, or big prints at the center and black on the side. You will look sexier and more confident with this ensemble.


5. Cover Insecurities with Drapes

If you feel uncomfortable wearing swimsuits that are tight fitting, then a draped front one-piece is a good choice. This design will flatter your chest area and hide your tummy. This style usually has the end of the drape at the hips. Now people will have no idea what your stomach looks like underneath. You can move freely and confidently. No one is judging your body shape. You can choose from draped styles that vary from halter tops, rompers, or tube tops.



6. Get Creative with Prints and Patterns

People will stare if their eyes are undistracted. To avoid this unwanted attention, wear a swimsuit with prints that can help you camouflage belly fat. Prints and patterns are advisable to create an illusion that your body looks slimmer. Design ideas for this concept are vertical zebra prints, tiny leopard spots, diagonal stripes, and small polka dots. These whimsical motifs add flair to your summer look and make you look slimmer.


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