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How to choose a swimsuit that suits you?

by Annbon WANG on February 21, 2022
    Summer is coming you must want to go for a swim in the water or play on the beach, then you must not lack a suitable swimsuit, today I will introduce you to how to choose the suitable swimsuits

   How to choose the color of the swimsuit?

    The color of your swimsuit is significant to accentuate your posture and create the overall tone of your skin!

    Black and white swimsuits are suitable for any skin tone. Compared with the two, black is more practical and safe, and it can appropriately conceal the inadequacies of the figure, while white swimsuits have higher requirements on the figure. And the suntanned the skin. It ought to be matched to a warm-colored swimsuit, such as red, orange swimsuits, and a mixture of multiple colors; for fair skin, choose cool colors, such as blue, green, and dark pink in warm tones, but try not to choose light colors, such as pink, because Light gray color can make the complexion pale and weak.

    How to choose the pattern of the swimsuit

    If your body is too slim, you can choose a swimsuit with a pattern that visually looks plump. For comparison. Girls with a rounded figure are more suitable for swimsuits with smaller patterns or plain colors. Patterned swimsuits can make you look stunning poolside and play a bonus role

    Animal pattern is a popular pattern recently. For buxom women, don’t choose a one-piece swimsuit full of patterns. You can select patterns and solid color seams that not only keep up with the trend but also transform your body figure


  1. Skin tone: Women with fair skin can choose a cool-colored swimsuit, and women with darker skin can choose a warm-colored color that favors the sun
  2. Overall figure: Women who are too slender can choose large patterns or brightly colored patterns. Women with short stature can choose bikini styles to make themselves look more slender
  3. Chest: Women with a flat chest can choose a design with a chest pad or a fold in front of the chest. Emphasize the overall line; women with full breasts can choose dark colors if they do not want to be too conspicuous
  4. Legs: Short-skirt swimsuits are more modified for legs, and high-slit swimsuits can make legs look more slender!

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